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FamilyMart is the world’s 2nd largest convenience store chain, with over 17,500 stores across various markets globally. Backed with over 40 years of experience in convenience retailing.

About Company

FamilyMart aims to constantly be ahead of social trends and diversify social needs, ever-evolving as a social and lifestyle infrastructure provider to local communities.

QL Maxincome Sdn Bhd is the master franchisee of FamilyMart and one of the subsidiary companies of QL Resources Berhad, an established company listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. FamilyMart Co., Ltd’s philosophy and values resonate with QL’s mission of providing nourishing agro-based products for the benefit of all. Their emphasis on delivering quality food is also a value that QL, as a food company values and sees synergy in.