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Driven by the vision to lead the reinvention of energy generation and application, progressively advancing communities, Plus Xnergy upholds the Energy Trilogy through our solutions, which consists of Energy GenerationEnergy Efficiency and Energy Storage.

About Company

Plus Xnergy is undisputedly the clean energy leader in Malaysia, and we are ready to shift to a whole new level of success. At Plus Xnergy™, we have an ambitious vision: to continuously out-innovate ourselves and introduce cutting-edge energy generating, savings and monitoring technologies to the market.

Since its establishment in year 2013, Plus Xnergy™ has managed procurements, installations and commissioning of thousands of kilowatt-peaks for its residential, commercial and IPP projects, making it the fastest growing and leading turnkey systems provider in Malaysia. Through the offering of world-class solar power solutions, we aim to provide the highest solar power development standards while making the switch to cleaner energy simple and effortless for our customers. We are constantly engaged in revolutionizing the way energy is delivered and conserved, as we strive to be the forerunner of the next energy revolution.

Recently in year 2021, Plus Xnergy was being voted by students from colleges or universities as one of the Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers.

Today, at Plus Xnergy™, the team includes accomplished specialists at all levels: consultants, engineers, technicians, financial analysts and project managers. Its core members have amassed more than 100MWp of grid-connected solar system projects throughout Asia Pacific and have been involved in the solar industry for more than 5 years. With 4 offices across our homeland, boasting 180-strong workforce, a big and growing solar national footprint, inventing our very own industry-leading, cutting-edge proprietary technology, and picking up countless awards along the way.

Join us to become the Champion of Sustainable Energy!