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TM has been at the forefront of every telecommunications technology evolution in Malaysia, leading in the convergence of connectivity and services; with a proud legacy in nation-building. Today, we are poised to propel Malaysia as a digital nation. Our Digital Infrastructure and Digital Solutions will fast forward Malaysia into the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) era and beyond and will elevate the quality of life for every Malaysian as the nation progresses to become a Digital Society, Digital Economy and Digital Government. TM supports the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) plan and is an active and major contributor in the nationwide fiberisation effort to greatly improve broadband coverage and quality. The expansion of the fibre network is not limited to home and business premises, but also enables fiberisation of mobile towers to improve the current 4G service quality and next, to expedite 5G roll-out.

About Company

TM strives to maintain a conducive working environment and work culture that keeps our employees highly engaged and motivated to achieve our aspiration of becoming the enabler of Digital Malaysia. It is an environment where employees thrive to bring out the best of themselves; feel happy, driven by a higher sense of purpose and unified objective to deliver “Life and Business Made Easier” for all Malaysians. TM is driving the establishment of an agile workforce through co-creation and collaboration across levels, which emphasises on brand experience and elevating productivity, growth and sustainability.

Opening up opportunities during difficult times

The COVID-19 crisis outbreak has affected the economy and subsequently graduates and youths entering the working world. In this seemingly challenging situation, TM held various initiatives and development programs catered for youths, graduates and those job seekers with the intention of enhancing their employability.

TM ELIT Programme

In collaboration with Malaysia’s Ministry of Entrepreneur Development & Cooperatives, the TM Executive Leadership Industry Trainee (ELIT) program is an entrepreneurial and marketplace development initiative to guide and upskill youths and job seekers as an effort to create more competitive and ready job marketers to meet current industry needs. To-date, more than 2,000 trainees have been recruited through online onboarding.

Recognition in Creating a Conducive Work Culture

Our efforts towards establishing a reputable employer branding have been recognized as ‘Employer of Choice’ and awarded various accolades in 2021.

  • LinkedIn Top Companies in Malaysia
  • GRADUAN Brand Awards 2021
  • Malaysia&# – Telecommunications Sector
  • Graduates&#/; GLC & Telecommunication Categories
  • HR Asia Best Companies to Work for In Asia 2021
  • Asia&#

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