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Welcome to the Careers Advisory Service (CAS), University of Nottingham Malaysia! CAS offers comprehensive range of support and services to support the students throughout their career development journey and guide them in identifying their strengths and interests, exploring suitable jobs and industries, and making decisions for their future career path.

About Company

Our support and services include but not limited to the following:

  • Provide point-by-point advice on job hunting skills, professional resume/ cover letter writing and interview ethics.
  • Create awareness on the importance of career information, resources, skills development, and career guidance
  • Organise professional development activities for students, disseminating the vital information regarding employment trends and labour markets
  • Connect and maintain close links with prospective employers to facilitate experiential learning and explore career and training opportunities for UNM students.


Sneak peek into our careers programmes and initiatives that are geared towards empowering students, their careers and employability:

  • Resume Review and Career Consultation
  • Careers Events and Employability Workshops
  • Get Ready Get Hired (GRGH) Certificate Programme
  • Forage Virtual Work Experience Programmes
  • Career Mentoring Programme
  • Careers Resources and Online Tools
  • Careers Opportunities and Updates


To inquire about the initiatives and enrol in our programmes, please do not hesitate to inquire at .

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