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Here at XOX we are youthful ! Yup we believe age is just a number, if you have the right vibe and can dance to the tune of XOX . We do concerts, apps, life changing innovation and almost everything under the sun! If you like memes, browsing through cat photos or just like to be surrounded by positive vibes, come onboard to the XOX team!
  • Opportunities to develop your career in a challenging environment.
  • A chance to explore a rewarding career.
  • A dynamic team to work with.
  • A place to put your skills to full use.
  • Learn more than you ever thought you will.
  • Gain experience you’ll never find elsewhere.

About Company

In XOX, as we value innovation and believe in disruptive technology, we have firmly set our vision to be a World Class Company by delivery innovative and creative product to every subscriber globally through our dynamics and inspiring talents.

We&#; carry forward unused data, minutes or SMS #BURNPROOF. In early ; a glimpse of the future of telecommunication.

We firmly believe in human talent development whose contributions have been immense on our innovation and progress as we set our sights on greater expansion outside Malaysia.


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