Hess is a values-driven company offering a world of challenging opportunities. We support continuous learning and development. At Hess, you can make a difference… In your career by continually building your skills, experience and abilities – there are many opportunities for personal growth. In your compensation by performing at a high level – the better you perform, the more you can earn. In your quality of life with benefits that take good care of the necessities and give you meaningful extras – you’ll have the tools to build the life you desire for yourself and your family. In the community by helping build life-saving water wells, inspiring others to learn and grow, rehabilitating parks and building homes for those less fortunate – we do the right thing even when nobody’s watching. In the company’s success by taking initiative as an individual or as part of a team. You are empowered with the ability to influence the outcome, no matter what your job – you won’t get lost in the crowd.

About Company

Hess is a leading shale oil and gas producer, one of the largest producers in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and a key natural gas producer and supplier to Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand. The company is also engaged in exploration and appraisal activities offshore Guyana, participating in one of the industry’s largest oil discoveries in the past decade, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Suriname.

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