Vision Engineer (YEP)

Greatech Integration Sdn Bhd
Full Time

Job Description

  • Design and develop machine vision system based on project requirements with software
    programming language or logic based configuration by utilizing image processing library.
  • Understand project requirement, perform feasibility studie, and able to propose machine
    vision solution to customer.
  • Perform image evaluation on customer’s samples to determine and propose the
    hardware (optic, camera, lens, lighting) and software requirement for machine vision
  • Perform software programming, UI design, software architecture design, and software
    performance optimization on PC based vision platform.
  • Responsible for installation and support on programming and fine tuning vision
    inspection systems at factory and customer site.
  • Project planning, project realization including customer site support and training.
  • Must display initiative and ability to work in small multi-disciplinary teams including
    Customers, Project Managers and Project Team.
  • Travelling to set-up & support machine buy-off is necessary.
  • Accountable for project time estimation and delivery schedules.
  • Position is able to apply broad knowledge of specific technical/operational practices.
  • Checks for problem in existing systems and modifies work processes following defined
  • Operational role responsible for achieving day-to-day objectives.
  • Other duties and assignments as instructed by superiors from time to time.
  • To comply to all requirements of ISO (inclusive of all standards approved by the
    Management) and to adhere to general safety practices, standard operating procedure,
    work instructions, policies and guidelines provided by the company.
  • Protect and retain documents and records under your control to assure that they are
    readily retrievable

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