Junior Customer Relationship Management (Trainee)

Synergy XYZ

Job Description

1. Explore CRM Service & Solution

a.        Explore and expand the CRM services & solutions.

·       Community management services

·       Loyalty services and solutions

·       Customer Database Platform (CDP)

b.        Exposed to the ecosystem of CRM services, solutions and analysis for all related media channel.

c.        Proposing the best and most effective CRM services and solutions.


2. Explore AI Tools / Software’s

a.        Explore the AI tools / software and recommend the appropriate tools/software based on CRM service and solution.

b.        Knowing the latest AI tools / software for CRM related that are available in the market.

c.        Learning how to analyze the functionality of the AI tools/software and user interface user experience.

d.        Proposing the best and most effective CRM solution AI software.


3. CRM Project Management

a.        Assist to support CRM project management.

b.        Involving in preparing pre-audit report and proposal research.

c.        Get the opportunity to contribute project proposal preparation and project pitching.

d.        Masteries CRM project management which includes contest management, loyalty program and membership program.

e.        Supporting Community Management on community engagement, community activation, community lead generation and community brand management.

f.         Preparing social media analytic report on competitor listening, product listening and brand listening.

g.        Performing customer services project by message replying, inbound and outbound call, chatbot training and support.


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