Job Guaranteed Programme for Unemployed Fresh Graduates

Application ends: December 31, 2022
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Job Description

Important notice: Apply only if you are an unemployed fresh graduate, and only if you are able to commit to a series of employability workshop. 

Calling all unemployed fresh graduates, this is an opportunity for you! Are you feeling lost and unsure of what’s your next step? Having difficulty finding a job? Read more about our opportunity below.

Talentbank Graduate Finishing School is a complimentary programme aimed at preparing unemployed fresh graduates from public universities for the workforce, equipping them with career-ready skills to meet the hiring needs of employers.

Students will acquire a strong foundation in expertise and professionalism through this programme, ranging from personal development to career progression planning. Students will also be able to gain insights on what to expect in a workplace, gaining people and conflict management skills that will help them create a safe and effective working environment.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the career-ready skills employers are seeking, making them highly employable.

They will also be recommended to our employment partners. (Click to browse full list)

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