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Established in 2010, Talentbank Group is an enabler in the employability ecosystem, focused on producing career-ready candidates and helping them achieve better careers by connecting them with industry leaders who welcome world-class talent.

About Company

Here at Talentbank, we have always strived to improve the nation’s employability.

Since 2010, we have successfully built the employability ecosystem for universities, undergraduates, and employers, bridging the gap between employers and graduates, a gap that continues to exist even today. We have helped graduates define and kick start their careers by connecting them with career opportunities that enable them to make their dream jobs a reality. For years now, Talentbank has been the unrivalled gold standard among recruitment platforms – and our capability in connecting amazing employers with amazing employees is reflected by some of our awards and accolades.

We are looking for like-minded pioneers to join our tight-knit family. If you are as excited as we are to build and grow a platform that empowers and helps these leaders of tomorrow find their true career calling, apply now and join us in making a difference together!

Some of the brands we own:

We are looking for talents who have these traits in them:

✅ Positive thinking
✅ Always win-win-win-win
✅ “Possible the Impossible” mindset
✅ Precise in decision making
✅ A perfectionist


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Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Our working hour is from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (Monday - Friday)

Talentbank is the “Bank” that does not provide Financial Services, but collecting talents and connecting them with industry leaders that welcome prime talents. We take pride in knowing that our partner employers have procured top-of-the-line employees through us.