Production Executive

Full Time

Job Description

• Plan and monitor the production operation so as to ensure the production output is achieved with maximum efficiency, minimum reject and optimize uptime.
• Troubleshoot and solve production problem and liaise with related department to ensure department goals are achieved.
• Continuously monitor and conduct improvement in work processes and methods in regards to quality control, 5S, productivity enhancement and resources utilization in order to achieve departmental quality objectives.
• Control and create safety awareness among subordinates so as to ensure no internal incident and accident occurred on properties and people.
• Enforce the implementation of company rules, regulation and policies.
• Ensure production quality and safety standard is comply.
• Prepare timely production and others performance reports to superior as required and analyze the production and other indices performance reports and develop or recommend the necessary action plan.
• Supervise, train and motivate subordinates in all aspects of their work performance to attain high skills level to meet daily operation requirement

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