Junior Data Analyst (Trainee)

Synergy XYZ

Job Description

1. Channels Functions and Features Mapping

a.        Functions and features mapping on digital marketing channels.

b.        Exposed on how data are being generate from each feature of multiple channels.

c.        Analyse each channels features, objectives and metrics.


2. Data Analysis

a.        Understand and analyse the below data:

·       Search engine data – Google product data

·       Social media data – Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / TikTok and etc.

·       Messenger data – WhatsApp / Line and etc.

·       Consumer data

·       CRM data

·       Web & mobile application

b.        Design objective and metric according to multiple clients from multiple industries.

·       Applying the right data according to the project requirements.

·       Choosing the right objectives and metrics to help improve clients performance and achieve KPI.


3. Develop Service Scope, Operation and Workflow (SSOW)

a.        Propose and recommend the right feature for each department to come out their services / SSOW.

b.        Creating SSOW according to the medium and channels.


4. Explore Analytic Tools

a.        Exploring new analytic tool in the market.

b.        Identify and determine the feature and functions of the analytic tools by creating a report.


5. Data Visualization

a.        Visualise data by organize & process relevant data and provide finding & insight for the data.

b.        Customise visualization of report for different clients from different industry.

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